Özçetinay Insurance:

  • Your most valuable asset is primarily your own health. In this context, private health insurances offer you the opportunity to benefit from quality health services with solutions suitable for every budget. It is necessary to think of health insurance as an investment in the future and to be perceived as a need rather than a luxury.
    Individual Health Insurance
    Health Insurance provides the freedom to choose the doctor or health institution of your choice. Expenses of outpatient or inpatient diagnosis and treatment of the insured as a result of any accident or illness are covered no matter where they are in the country or in the world. With this feature, health insurance covers possible high health expenses and becomes the biggest assistant of the insured in the most difficult moments.
    Nefes Health Insurance
    Nefes Health Insurance covers the coverage in the policy to be made in case of going to a health institution in cases that occur as a result of emergencies specified in the policy, and in cases where a maximum of 12 hours has elapsed between the emergence and application of treatment. Provides assurance against sudden and unexpected situations without shaking our policyholders' budgets.
    Complementary Health Insurance
    Like many people, you are a member of SSI and you want to benefit from the health services of private hospitals, but you do not want to pay high premiums. Complementary Health Insurance is just for you. With this insurance policy, you can take out private health insurance for almost 1/3 of the health insurance. Only SGK participation fee is paid.
    Foreign Nationals Health Insurance
    Our Foreign Nationals Health Insurance product offers a solution for the health insurance that foreign nationals who apply for a residence permit or residence permit must have them. Our product meets the requirements for a residence permit or residence permit.


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