Things to be Considered While Taking Insurance

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When vehicle owners buy a new vehicle, they first get traffic insurance, but the way to protect your vehicle against accidents or natural disasters is to have automobile insurance.

The number of vehicles on the road is increasing day by day and novice drivers are on the road with their new vehicles. Even if you think you are a good driver, you are very likely to be involved in an accident while driving on your way or when your vehicle is parked. Even if an accident is coming and you are not involved in the accident, the seasons interfering with each other due to global warming can make your car riddled with hail at any moment. To tell us ..

However, you also have to be careful while getting insurance. If you do not take the time to read the details in your policy or do not learn the details from your agency, your motor own damage insurance policy, which you received as appropriate while making the policy, may victimize you in case of damage and cause money in your pocket.

You can increase your motor own damage insurance premium or reduce the coverage and services that you deem unnecessary to a minimum. In almost all Insurance Companies Insurance add or remove from your offer or exempt There are guarantees that you can add.

Here are some of the things you should pay attention to when you want to have insurance;

  • Vehicle value written on your policy: The value of your vehicle may be low or high, in this case, if the low price is entered, even if your policy price drops in the first stage, you may experience problems at the time of damage payment,
  • Your coverage limits: If your coverage limits in your policy are low, your policy price will be low, but you may have to pay a part of the damage amount in case of an accident,
  • Earthquake flood, strike or lockout guarantees: As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, it may rain on your car at any time,
  • Accessory Guarantee: If there are non-original parts on your vehicle, it must be attached to your policy in order to pay for theft and damage,
  • New Value Clause: Zero km if your vehicle. If you have just bought it, it will be in your best interest to make sure that you add the New Value Clause in your policy. If you have a "New Value Clause" coverage in your motor own damage insurance policy, the indemnity payment to be paid in case your vehicle is burnt, stolen and pert within the policy period, in other words, is damaged, the brand, model, type and accessory features of the vehicle are the same on the turnkey sales price of the new one on the date of damage. will be.

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